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This section contains webmaster related forum sites. Please note the membership figures were current as of October 2006.

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Host Gator
Host Gator offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions. The primary factor that gives Host Gator the editor's pick is Host Gator's exceptional reputation within the webmaster community. As a client with Host Gator myself, I can recommend this host with confidence. Also, having experienced over ten other hosts in my time, I can honestly say that Host Gator is better than the competition.


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Digital Point Forums
The Digital Point forums have over 43,000 members, and provide forum discussions relating to search engines, marketing, business, design & development, and products & tools.

GroupThink - SEO Forums
Search engine optimization services, tools, promotion, submission discussion forums to keep you up to date in the SEO world.

Ozzu Webmaster Forum
These forums have over 23,000 members. Ozzu provides a wide range of forums under the following categories: web design & development, operating systems & hardware, and Internet Marketing.

Sitepoint Forums
Sitepoint is one of the worlds largest webmaster communities, with almost 140,000 forum members. Sitepoint offers paid submission forums called the marketplace where webmasters can post services for sale, design contests, and more.

The v7 Network Web Development Community
These forums have over 16,000 members, and provide a wide range of discussion categories, including blogging forums.

The Webmaster Forums
These forums have about 9,500 members. A broad range of forum categories are available to help you find the most appopriate discussions fast.

W3Talk Webmaster Forum is a mid-sized web design and addministration community, with about 900 members. Webmasters from around the world can come to discuss issues related to Web design, web hosting and more. Webmaster Forum
The webmaster forums were launched in October 2006 and are designed to provide a small web community where webmasters can ask questions and discuss webmaster related topics.

Webmaster Forums
Webmaster Forums is your source for HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, graphic design, web design, CGI scripts and programming, search engine optimization and everything else a webmaster needs. They have about 3,800 members.

Webmaster Forums Online
Webmaster Forums Online provides news and discussion forums for webmasters about SEO, Internet marketing and advertising, website Design and development, web hosting and general topics. These forums have about 2,200 members.

Webmaster Talk
Webmaster Talk has over 28,000 members and provides a huge range of webmaster related forum categories.

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