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What Article Submissions Can Do For Your Company!?

By: Martin Lemieux
Authors Club
Published: September 12 2006

It's the age of the internet, is your business actively promoting online? Using your knowledge online can bring your business great success. We all have ideas we can share about our own industry; failing to share those ideas is like failing to plan for the future.

Online business rewards those who work hard at what they do. Many smaller companies launch their website with the notion that search engines will find them right away, and that visitors will start pouring in.

The reality is; this is not true. Granted, search engines may find your website one day and list a couple of pages from your site but, this is definitely not even close to being enough effort on your part. These couple of pages listed online will never attract the right type of client on a frequent basis.

A Brand New Website Doesn't Guarantee Sales!

Some of you might have an extensive advertising budget which you will probably spend it all through PPC (Pay Per Click), text ads, and other different venues. If I were you, I would hire a copywriter, or an SEO company to write articles for you!!! A writer would be able to share your knowledge online, while targeting a specific market! I can't stress this enough how niche articles can target the right market you're looking for.

For those of you who don't have an advertising budget, you'll want to become the writer for your company. Hands down, article marketing is the #1 free internet marketing source there is.

Articles Can Target Your Market Directly!

Years ago I wrote an article about "Content Management Systems". I did this because my company at the time was increasingly getting into creating content management systems for our clients. By writing tips for companies to read about "CMS", it ultimately brought a great deal of leads to my front door step. The key is that you can target your perfect client's by writing tips that will attract them to your door.

Even Small Local Companies Can Target Their Market!!

Do you rely on clients that are residing in your area? Not to worry, writing articles can also help you attract people locally. Each article that you write allows you to have an "Author Resource Box", or "About The Author" at the bottom of your articles. You will be able to use your author box in order to target your local market. Here's how to do it...


About The Author:

Martin Lemieux is the owner of "Article99" who operates in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. If you live near our area, please call us (000) 000-0000.


Having an author box like the one above will help you target people from "Hamilton & surrounding areas". Search engines go through articles wherever they are and they look at the content within the article. By adding references to your local area, you're helping search engines index your article for that local market. Here's how it works...

If someone types in "Article Marketing In Hamilton" who's article do you think will show up??? THIS ONE! This is because of the targeted content + the targeted area. Search engines are always looking for a city/province/country reference points which they utilize within their different search engines for many countries world wide.

In order to give you an example you can relate to.. read this one!

Let's say you write an article about "Back Pain" and you insert your local area at the bottom of the article. When search engines find that article, they will list your article within searches like "Back pain specialists in Hamilton". See how the topic of the article has now allowed your business to prosper locally?

In Conclusion:

If you have a marketing budget, hire a copywriter to write articles for you and promote your business online while targeting your local marketing through your author resource box. If you don't have a budget don't worry, you're not alone , you'll have to get your creative mind in gear and write the article yourself, which is by the way what most of us do!


Martin Lemieux is the owner of the following article directories. Be sure to register for an author account, and get extensive promotion for your articles!

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