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Warning: Objects Within Your Browser Window Are Smaller Than They Appear!

By: Martin Lemieux
Smartads Internet Marketing
Published: November 20 2005

Is your internet window showing objects (companies) that seem larger than they appear? I think so. The Internet not only has allowed us to market to the world but it also has allowed many companies to hide their true nature and size.

Some Consumers Want To Work With Large Companies:

Many companies out there try to make themselves seem larger than they appear and sometimes they do this on purpose. There are consumers out there that feel more comfortable going with established companies that have a team of employees and (apparently) have more responsibilities to their employees and clients.

Other Consumers Would Rather Work With Smaller Companies:

Then there are other consumers out there that can't stand working with big companies and would rather work with the little guys who treat every customer like they're family.

The problem lies with the misconception about how large or how small your company really is. See, if you give an appearance online that you're a massive company when you're not, this might actually backfire on you once people call for your products or services. People don't like to be misled in any way, shape, or form.

Smartads has 5 people involved with us on a daily basis. We are not a team of 1 but at the same time, we aren't a monster company either. Our contact pages reflect this as well.

Do You Have 10 Email Accounts Online That All Go To One?

It's when you go through a companies contact page and they have an entire directory of emails listed for different departments that ALL, and I mean all go to the same person. It would look something like this....

For customer support email: support@bogussite.dumb
For technical support email: techies@bogussite.dumb
For advertising email: ads@youknowwhat.com
For general inquiries, don't even bother!

See where I am going with this? I can understand if you like to separate your email accounts because of the volume coming in but, ironically, if you list over 5 "live" email accounts on your contact page, I'll bet you're getting a ton of spam as well!

Exploit Your Size To Appeal To The Right Clients:

Don't try to hide your company’s size just because you're a small business enterprise; exploit it to those who are looking to do business with specifically smaller companies. I can understand if you have the need to separate your email accounts, try having an online form that responds to a drop down menu which in turn sends the emails to different accounts on it's own.

If you don't like the fact that your business is a one-man band, hire someone to answer your calls for you. In fact, try out someone at home (family or roommate). They are a lot cheaper anyway. At least you can free up some time, and seem more professional from a client’s point of view.

The whole Point Is This...

Just because we can hide behind our computer's to attract better, larger fish, it doesn't really mean we actually need to. You might hurt your business more if you try to "act as if" or promise to make something work which you know you don't have the resources for.

Raise Your Prices To Make More Money, Don't Raise Your Curb Appeal:

You don't need to look big in order to attract more money, sometimes the simpler answer works better. Try raising your prices to see whether or not this will actually deter consumers (Yes, there is a risk) but, if you try to appear larger than you actually are, you're already risking a great deal.

Be true to your business and you will attract clients that are true to you. "Thoughts are things" really takes affect online because consumers can't relate on an emotional level, they can only compute what they read and what they see. If your website gives consumers a false statement, your business will not profit from this method of promotion, but will only be hindered from your mistakes.

About The Author:

Martin Lemieux is the owner of Smartads and is an internet marketing expert who helps companies to market their business online and offline.

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